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Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt 2008
Oct. 4th

For the '08 Haunt, Knott's put together a whopping 13 mazes and themed rides, along with the three "scare zones" and 9 shows. That's a ton of scare, people. Oh, and we were told there were something like 3,000 costumed ghouls and monsters on hand to raise hackles. Sweet.

Regarding scare zones, Ghost Town, as the name would promise, is the wildest. Tons of fog, sinister props, spooky sounds, and an army of creeps and "sliders" are just all over the damned place.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

The towering demon was a personal favorite. Don't want to run into this dude without warning.

CarnEVIL, in the Boardwalk section, is a bit more brightly lit, but the nasty clown thing always works. And some of them are kinda hot, too:


Camp Snoopy's The Gauntlet was the darkest area, if a little less populated, at least when we were present.

As for shows, we only saw one in full, and that was "Dr. Cleaver's Big Election." The map warns "Recommended for mature audiences, due to adult humor" (as it does for some others, too) and they ain't whistling Dixie - there was no foul language, but the innuendo is X-rated. Not every joke hit the mark, but when they did, they were hysterical. Filthy, but hysterical.

Here's just a few samples of some of the Scare Zone scenery:

Zombie cowboys are cool

Loved the zombie cowboy and his zombie mount. This animatronic, underneath Silver Bullet, is worth watching for a few minutes. "And they call him Mr. Dead!"

Dick Chainy

Advanced-decomposition corpse loveliness!

body box

Coffins that shake are also classic.




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