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West Coast Bash 2010
April 5, 2010

Inside the station, our gracious host explained how and why the block check is performed, all part of the pre-flight routine to make sure everything is up to snuff.

Block check, check!

We also learned about a unique track section:


Seems that during construction, they got to putting the final brake run together and there was this gap... Whoopsee-daisy! It took a month to get this part manufactured.


It was cool watching the trains come and go, looking mighty fine in the early sunlight.

Uppity part

Freaking love this coaster.

Away we go!

We also learned that though Giovanola is no more (*sniff*), the former company's coaster folks have reconstituted themselves as G-Tech. Dear Theme Park Owners: Please Hire G-Tech already.

And after this show-and-tell was done, we got two consecutive rides on the beast. Tasty-cakes.




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