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West Coast Bash 2010
April 5, 2010

This year's West Coast Bash was a super-sized, two-park, two-day event, and though I was only able to attend the first day at Six Flags Magic Mountain, it was still a rollicking good time I won't soon forget. Didn't ride everything, didn't do the afternoon tours (I participated in the Season Pass podcast instead), and didn't even make it through the last bit of evening ERT - conked out at about 11:00 PM, I think. But it was a great day from start to finish.

This report won't cover every amazing detail; all of that is available at Theme Park Review, in spades. And don't miss the SFMM Bash podcast over at The Season Pass, for more kewlness. I'm just going to share a few of my own very fond memories. Enjoy.


The first ride of morning ERT was Tatsu. All days should begin with such joy. Smooth, exhilarating and, man, those Pretzel Loop Gs are as brutal as ever. Mega sweetness.

Tatsu gorgeousness

Weather-wise, it couldn't have been nicer. Blue skies, warm sun. And that all helped bring out the sexiness of the newly-painted coasters, like Goliath and Batman: The Ride.

God Bless America!

Gratuitous jingoistic coaster shot.

The Breakfast Club

Chillin' with my homies, David, Chris, Darrell and Deanna, Urso, Doug and Shannon. Morning breakfast was properly fortifying with muffins, donuts, OJ, and wakey-wakey. Kinda hard to see, but I was sporting my Morgan sweatshirt, suitably dorky attire. But not nearly as dork-tastic as what was on underneath...

Buy a shirt, NAO!!

(Photo courtesy of the awesome Brent Young, Creative Director of Super 78.)

During morning ERT, Chris Godsey and I went over for the special Goliath behind-the-scenes block check.

Special tour!

We gathered in front of Valencia Falls to walk over to the station. Just one of the many treats SFMM had for us.

Edutainment, part one

Among the many interesting facts we learned: these planters are supposed to represent the Big G's footprints. See, because it's goliathly big and stuff.




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