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West Coast Bash 2012 - Six Flags Magic Mountain, Day One
February 26, 2012

After shooting a little video, we moved on to Green Lantern.

We all agreed that the new DC Universe section looks terrific. They really did it right over here with lots of color and very creative theming. Hats off to you, Six Flags creatives!

Detail from the entrance arch. Comic art sure has come a long way since I was a young 'un. What is up with that green tiger?! Cool!

Villains shooting their villainous weaponry. ZAPKABLOOIE!

Some nice facade work. Nothing Disney has to worry about, but some of the best I've seen at any Six Flags park.

Right down to the food stands, they considered almost everything.

Smallville Lemonade and a Coast City poster...

Teens do love pizza.




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