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West Coast Bash 2012 - Knott's Berry Farm, Day Two
March 4, 2012

Day One at Six Flags Magic Mountain is here.

The second half of the weekend-long W. C. Bash was at The Farm, and as much as the park's rides are a big lure, it was this year's backstage tours that had me most excited. And as slots for the tours were only available first come, first served, getting checked in right at the start was imperative. So I pulled into the gates at around 6:15 in the morning.

Not long after, a healthy crowd had arrived, ready to soak deep in the many unique charms of this delightful place and grab those tour tickets. Three were offered, for The Calico Railroad Roundhouse, Montezooma's Revenge, and Silver Bullet.

I like trains just fine, and the Roundhouse would be interesting for sure. But the Monty tour? A chance to see the inner workings of the last flywheel-propelled Schwarzkopf shuttle loop in America? That alone justified the entire cost of the WCB weekend for me. Everything else was gravy.

(Looking at the reports over at Theme Park Review, I now wish I had joined the Silver Bullet tour. But I'll keep my fingers crossed that it will be offered again in the future.)

Going behind the scenes at an amusement park is always a giddy thrill and strolling along the railroad tracks shook off the last bit of fatigue right quick.

Are "cow catchers" awesome, or what?

If I'm remembering correctly, this roundhouse was actually once over at the site of Bigfoot Rapids, and was moved here when they added the raft ride.

Inside, looking back at the crew hauler and a little flatbed car. Very cool.

Trains are the distant forebears of roller coasters, so they deserve some reverence.





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