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West Coast Bash 2011 - Part 1
April 6, 2011

Then it was time for some Tatsu.

I like flying at the speed of fear. Also at the speed of awesome. Which Tatsu does, always.

Just looking at a photo like this makes my chest compress. The Pretzel Loop is tough-love defined.

Another favorite moment: this way-up-there twist. So sexy.

Coaster signage does not get much more hellaciously gorgeous than that. "GRRR! Ima eat you now and burn down your stuff later!!! Please enjoy your flight and take my backstage tour. Grrr."

Which we did, and enjoyed immensely. There were several backstage tours, actually, and we opted for the Tatsu maintenance road.

But first, Superman: Escape From Krypton.

This wasn't part of the morning ERT, but it opened and we got on that pronto.

I have much sentimental love for this attraction. Even when it started feeling less like "Superman: The Escape," and more like "Clark Kent: The Morning Commute," I still enjoyed it. But the announcement of this reboot was like the heavens parting, angels singing, et cetera. And it is now better than ever. WAY better.

So the re-theme is not all that dramatic. New green light gels, for sure.

Nice new sign!

And the addition of the escape pod.

But the ride experience itself is magnificent.

Look at that. When was the last time you saw a car reach that altitude? The launch is a whole different beast when you're not facing forward. I'll admit, the first time, I was nervous. That felt really good. And holy frijoles, it is fast. Yup, we're back to triple-digit velocities, friends. Hallelujah!

But it's the view looking down from the top, which we are now forced to do... Up on the mountain's peak, then add another, what, 380 feet or so? Once again, it totally, utterly, completely rules. Intamin and Six Flags are to be heartily applauded for this exceptional work. (And there's still Green Lantern to come! What a year...)




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