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West Coast Bash 2011 - Part 1
April 6, 2011

Before lunch, we got our "behind the scenes" look at Tatsu.

Here we are, cameras at the ready, giddy like kids hopped up on Mountain Dew and Skittles.

There were some amazing views of this towering wonderwork.

Bring the pretzel pain!

"GRRRRR!! Having fun yet?!"

Seriously, look at how monstrous that element is.

"How you like me now?! I'm Tatsu! AHAHAHAH!!!"

Licorice twist. Orange flavored!

Flying at the speed of "Vekoma Flyers Aren't This Good."

Ooooo, parts and stuff! Backstagery!!

Looka that wooden coaster track, from Psyclone! Robb Alvey explained that bits of that coaster are all over the park, put to work as little restraining walls on hills and such. A big, hearty Nelson Muntz "HA-ha!" to that.

Irony Alert! "Your 'laws' mean nothing to me!!! I'm Tatsu!! AHAHAHAHAAHAH!!! (I hope you are enjoying your backstage tour. Grrr.)"

Now that they've done such great things with Superman, I really think it's high time to add that Timothy Bottoms animatronic figure to Revolution's final spiral. And then rename it "Rollercoaster: The Ride."

Looks like "H. C. LOVES K. L. 4EVER." Awww...

Jet Flume! Backstagery!




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