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West Coast Bash 2009
March 22, 2009

Even after the morning ERT, the park wasn't anywhere near capacity, crowd-wise, so what we missed in the A.M., we had no problem hitting during the day.

Remember when this was the park's major coaster?

Gold Rusher just never gets old for me. Simple joy from days gone by. And the nighttime ERT, which featured everything (just like last year), was held with most of the lights out. Lemme tell ya, there are plenty of spots on this ride that are dark.

Black belt, baby!

Lots of love for this Arrow classic, too. Ninja roolz.

Just a big ball of "Wheeee!"

And while I'm singing Arrow's praises, I must say that Viper was a huge surprise that day. Ran like it was brand new. No skull-smacking at all, just good times.


I'd forgotten just how high up that first loop really is. You really gain some altitude.

Also good!

Predictably, Deja Vu was down for part of the day, but they got her running in time for the evening ERT and it was another pleasant eye-opener. I'm not a fan of the standard Vekoma Boomers, but the inverted models are solid, fun-to-ride thrillers. And man, oh, man, that pull up the first tower backwards... that'll always make my heart go flippity-flop.

Old school.

Revolution? Oh, how I miss the early glory days. The one train they've decked out in the original star-spangled splendor is just bitchen-squared, and I can't visit the Mountain without taking a spin (and pretending that we splatter Timothy Bottoms during the final spiral). But yikes... I will curse those pain-merchant harnesses till the day I die.

Anton, how could they?

Ah, well, sometimes love hurts.




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