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West Coast Bash 2009
March 22, 2009

This year's West Coast Bash, held at Six Flags Magic Mountain as always, was a fine Bash indeed. Attendance went through the roof compared to years past, yet even with about 700 folks rocking the two ERT sessions, it never felt crowded at all. The only bummer of the day was the weather. On my trip up, the rain fell hard for a bit and the day's forecast wasn't too promising: windy and chilly at best. But as you'll see in the pictures to come, the clouds burned off and until the sun went down, it was rather pleasant, if not balmy. Because of the wind, X2's flamethrowers were down, and the big guy didn't run at all for the evening ERT, but beyond that, it was another day for the history books.

This is why we love The Bash:


The X2 queue, morning ERT.

Empty - see?

The X2 queue, again.

More empty.

The Goliath station. Sick, isn't it?

Doug, Shannon, and Jodi

Here's Doug Barnes, of The Season Pass Podcast, and his lovely wife Shannon, ready to get their freak on, while Jodi Malone, the X2 Queen, waits with happy anticipation. Doug did some recording later in the evening, so look for some audio at his site soon. (This is still the only roller coaster I get alittle nervous about before riding. So intense, but so good.)


I don't even remember how many coasters the park opened for the morning ERT, but there were plenty, including Tatsu, one of my favoritest coasters ever.

Love me some Tatsu.

Looks great, rides great, is great.

Sweet dropage.

Maybe this über-themed flyer in China is better, but until I ride it, Tatsu remains for me the best of its breed.




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