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Timber Mountain Log Ride Media Day Photo Report
June 21, 2013

Before you get too deep into this "special" feature and are disappointed: this report does not include any sort of ride review for the recently reopened Timber Mountain Log Ride.

Still with me? Sweet. So, yeah, Knott’s couldn’t quite get this refurbished attraction open to the public on the scheduled May 30th media day. A little disappointing, but it was a very great day (as is any day at Knott’s, and as is any day with my Season Pass homie-shalomies), and we did get to ride the new Coast Rider, which is a fun, smooth coaster in the Rodentia order. And there was great food. And some utterly splendid historical photos and models. And Charles Pheonix, emcee, who walked away with the "Best Dressed" award, no competition. And still more.

As I put this together, I am on the verge of leaving for a two-week trip to Japan with Theme Park Review, and all sorts of last-minute things are piling up, as things are wont to do, so this is going to be very, very light on the text, and lighter still on the entertainment value, and a few of the photos are pretty weak, but what the hell, here we go.

In keeping with the retro feel of the Boardwalk section, they had this 60s-style family walking around, behaving like out-of-town tourists. Beanies with propellers should NEVER have gone out of style.

Peace, man! Groovy! Far Out! This couple was awesome.

At the Boardwalk itself, Big Fat Steve warmed up the crowd. They rocked.

That's Jennifer Blazey, Knott's PR goddess on the left (seriously, we love her), and you know the dude on the right.

Here's Charles Phoenix, getting the presentation rolling. Dig his sartorial magnificence.

That is just full of winsanity.

On the right, Raffi Kaprelyan, the park's GM, and a totally righteous dude (we also love this guy because he loves Knott's and loves dark rides and nothing more needs to be said).




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