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Timber Mountain Log Ride Media Day Photo Report
June 21, 2013

The taffy ribbon cutting is about to happen. Big moment.

Russ Knibbs – VP, Food and Beverage – in the blue shirt on the right, ably assists, and he is the guy who's bringing kick-ass food to every corner of this joint. We love Russ a lot, too. (The Southwest burger at Coasters: THUMBS UP.)

Some shots from later in the day, after the sun burned off the morning grey. Looks so lovely!

Flying Scooters!! Hooray!!!

I don't know that we'd rate this as an "aggressive thrill" ride, as Knott's does on their web site, but we definitely enjoyed the new Coast Rider. It's plenty peppy, has a nice big drop and mixes up the zig-zagginess in a more interesting way than your traditional mouse coasters do.

I like these Mack mice, and the sunny colors of Coast Rider fit this section well.

Palm trees and roller coasters go together nicely, I think.




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