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Six Flags Great America 2011 Trip Report
Sept. 20, 2011

Well, I'd have to say this Bull is less "Raging" than it is "Pleasantly Spunky." There is absolutely nothing wrong with this coaster. In the years since, B&M hyper machines have just gotten better. (Nitro and Diamondback completely pwn this thing.)

Still, highly enjoyable and it does have a bigger bag of tricks than "Fabio's Bloodstained Nightmare." It's quite possible that my fatigue colored this less-than-"Wow!" impression, still another good reason for a return visit. I need a back-row ride on this coaster.

A much bigger treat was Viper, this Six Flags' Cy-clone, right next door to Pleasantly Spunky Bull. Not the greatest woodie by a long shot, but a very, very decent ride, and I was amazed to learn from Patrick that it was built in-house by the park. Well maintained, good pacing, a lot of fun! Nice job, people!

The whole Southwest Territory section was the most cohesively-themed area and while you'll never think you somehow stumbled into Knott's Ghost Town, it is impressive for a Six Flags park.

It's all old-Westy and stuff...

...with a definite "Texico" sexiness.

The Intamin drop tower is another ride that will have to wait till next time.




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