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Six Flags Great America 2011 Trip Report
Sept. 20, 2011

We did meet up with another Season Pass listener that morning, Patrick, AKA "DJ PJ," AKA "Traincrossin," AKA webmaster of the Wisconson Dells Fansite, who was an awesome guide and recommended a great place for lunch, too.

Since my time here was limited, we agreed to hit the key attractions right away. And that meant heading directly for "Southwest Territory" and the big purple and orange thing.

I remember when both Apollo's Chariot and Raging Bull opened in 1999, there was much debate about which of these B&M hypercoasters was the better of the two, out-and-back versus twister. Finally, the chance to compare.

J.J. Abrams called and wants his lens flare back.

Certainly, both are very tall, very fast and very smooth rides, both with that little flat section right off the lift chain.

It's a great piece of Bolliger & Mabillard work, for sure, sporting their lovely "Speed" trains.

A first drop into a tunnel is always a plus, especially from a height above 200 feet. Down we go...


A nice, big, heavily banked and elevated turn, lots of "Wheee!" up in there.

Yeah, it's a great ride. So why am I not more enthusiastic?





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