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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Trip Report
August 3, 2008

Down at one end of the joint is "the pit," where you'll find several attractions that do their thing under the boardwalk.

Lower level fun

The star here is the aforementioned Cave Train Adventure, a family-friendly dark ride that was extensively renovated for the 2000 season by R and R Creative Amusement Designs, Inc. This is really a hoot, with some great visual jokes. Look for the prehistoric coaster and a very funny "distorting mirror" gag. (The bear you encounter just inside, though, is looking alittle ragged.)

Love this so much

They really did it up right with the exterior, working fog machines, waterfalls and all.

Ol' Engine No. 6

The mini choo-choo-train is awesome.

Caves are the best

Disney may not be losing sleep over this, but it's one of my faves, for sure.

Aliens and bumper cars! Yay!

Also down in the pit, you'll find one of the two bumper car attractions, including "The Bumper Cars of the Future!"

It's a small floor, but in the semi-dark, which is a plus.

Dark Ride, number three!

Then you got your third dark ride, the more contempo Ghost Blasters, from our friends at Sally. Along with the blasting of ghosts, there are a couple of really good scares. I may be mistaken, but this one seemed alittle spookier than some other GBs I've ridden. Or maybe I'm crazy... but this was definitely worth doing.

Shark! Aaaah!

Last, is an indoor spin 'n' spewer, the Wipeout. Didn't get on this one, but dig that fabulous sculptural enhancement! That's theme park quality, man.



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