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New York City Photo Trip Report – Part 1
July 29, 2012

And speaking of Central Park, wow, do I love Central Park, which is walkable everywhere, all the time now, according to locals. That's a big plus for a fascist state-level police presence, I'll grant.

Sheep Meadow, one of Central Park's most famous open spaces. Beautiful. Saw some concerts and things there back in the day.

During a meander through the park, I discovered "The Dairy" for the first time. Neat!

My goal for the stroll this afternoon was to check out Victorian Gardens Amusement Park, the little summer kiddieland operated by Central Amusements International, LLC at Wollman Rink. (FYI, CAI is part of Zamperla and is the same entity that manages Luna Park, the Scream Zone and The Cyclone at Coney Island.)

It didn't quite have the level of charm I expected/hoped for, but there were plenty of attractions for the target audience, and some games, too.

And there was this sort-of credit. I know they're aiming for very young here, but I'll bet most kids could handle something a tiny bit more thrilling, I mean, come on...

The "barn in a tornado" ride looked good for a few laffs. I didn't partake of anything, just walked around, knowing that a trip to Coney was coming up in a couple of days.





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