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LA County Fair Trip Report
Sept. 19, 2010

Last week, a couple of good friends and I gathered up some kids and took 'em to the Los Angeles County Fair, an event I hadn't been to since I was a kid myself. My recollections of the fair were sort of so-so, lots of rides, but kind of seedy. Well, this year's edition was far from seedy. The awesome weather helped things, no doubt, but the grounds were clean, the colors bright and the overall atmosphere was peachy-keen. We had a ball and we didn't even get out of the carnival zone. Here's a whole bunch of photos from the day (including several supplied by Gail, one of the parents - thanks, Gailsy!).

Here's me with the chilluns, from left to right: Parker, Brian and Audrey. They're all bona fide thrillseekers, and big enough to tackle everything, including several rides all the adults said "no, thanks" to.

We started in the "Kids Zone," which quickly proved to be way too tame for the group.

They did have a starter fun house, which was about ten feet of "fun." Bah.

A smaller Ferris wheel was not bad for some kicks.

"Um, this is aight, but can we get to the good stuff, already?"

There was this cool booth where you dip your hand in wax and get a funky, if slightly ghoulish, souvenir.

The kids dug this seriously.

Brian gets dipped, while Parker waits his turn. (The temptation to immortalize a rude gesture is strong.)




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