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LA County Fair Trip Report
Sept. 19, 2010

No one felt the need for this credit.

The Silly Seas 2 fun house was better, with two stories and lots of classic pranks. Still, the little rascals were jonesing for the truly stomach-turning stuff. Onward.

On the way over to the Carnival, we passed the big fair exhibit hall, which had that bizarre "Our Body" show, filled with skinned and plasticized corpses. Eeeww.

Far more appetizing were the many food booths in this area.

Fried White Castle?! Genius!

Chocolate Covered Bacon, a part of every nutritious breakfast.

Has the "let's try frying EVERYTHING!" craze gone too far? No. It has not.

One of the two skyrides available for your transportation needs. Also, note on the lower left, serious booze is available, too.

Very tempting, but we needed more rides first.

Welcome to the Ray Cammack Shows Carnival!

Got to introduce my threesome to one of the greatest spin 'n' spews ever, the righteous Tilt-A-Whirl. They loved it. Great kids, I tell ya.




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