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Kennywood 2011 Trip Report
August 14, 2011

Get those hands up; the big one is dead ahead.

Birdees on the wire must be wondering, "Why in the hell do those idiots ride that thing? Oh, right, they can't fly! Hah-hah! Losers..."

And down we go, ripping right through the Thunderbolt, 228 feet in an instant. Awesome.

And once we pull out of that deep valley, it's all Morgan and it's all amazing. Loops are fun, but this new course is sweet revenge, indeed. Hairtime, yo!

Lip-smacking curves, more drops and more than one good kick in the pants, especially one right towards the final brakes.

What a wicked surprise. Everyone agreed that this was a MAJOR highlight of the trip, and is now way up on our lists of most-favored steel coasters.

We didn't get on Pitt Fall, but it was running that day. Will it be there much longer?




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