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Kennywood 2011 Trip Report
August 14, 2011

Next up was another vintage, and extremely rare attraction, Noah's Ark. It's a walk-through fun house, but that doesn't begin to describe the surreal adventure that awaits.

See? Very much one of Kennywood's signature pieces. (Oh, and thanks, slacks and shorts, for spoiling all the fun.)

That is one very freaky Noah greeting us from the top window. Shannon, Doug's wife, found him particularly disturbing and we all had to admit, he does look like something out of "The Evil Dead." "I'LL EAT YOUR SOUL!"

To say anything about what happens inside would be churlish; just do it, and leave easily frightened small children behind. And note that you never see an attraction like this at any park ever again. It's that weird and wonderful.

Among Kennywood's most notable features are its dark rides. Like roller coasters, a park can't have too many dark rides, and if you count Noah's Ark, Kennywood has four of them. That, my friends, is superlative. And the newest is Ghostwood Estate.

This ride takes up the location formerly occupied by the Gold Rusher dark ride, and to replace it, they went all-out.

It is as high-tech as you can expect a dark ride to be outside a major corporate park, loaded with gorgeous scenic design and even a cool little pre-show!

My only gripe: it's a shooter. Okay, so the interactivity encourages repeat rides, and I'm sure many people love hitting the targets, which not only increases your score, but also triggers all kinds of spooky animations. But there was so much to look at, I wish they I had focused on that aspect and not the "ghost hunting," our mission on the ride. Both Doug and I wanted to ride again, just to sit back and watch. We didn't have time, alas. But all things considered, this is a top-notch dark ride and no visit to Kennywood is complete without giving it a whirl.




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