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Kennywood 2011 Trip Report
August 14, 2011

This is what we needed to sample next: The Phantom's Revenge (as presented by Season Pass spokesmodel Deanna). As you know well, I'm sure, this used to be "The Steel Phantom," an Arrow hypercoaster that was once the tallest in the world, with its signature 225-foot drop. A few years ago, the park hired Morgan to take out the final four inversions, add a couple of feet to that huge drop, and whip up a whole new ending, with tunnels, turns and some airtime hills. It is now almost immeasurably better. Well done, Morgan!

The coaster also now comes with more rodent (woodchucks, I think?). Here's one, foraging around in the grass underneath the lift.

And here's another. Pretty damned cute. They didn't seem to be bothered by all the ruckus one bit.

There are also new trains, very sleek and comfortable. (It's really a shame that Chance-Morgan doesn't seem to be selling large coasters these days.)

Enjoy a splendid view of most of the park and the bordering Monongahela River from the towering lift hill.

That twisting first drop, held over from Steel Phantom, is still a pleasure.

Fast, smooth, fun!




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