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Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt 2010
Oct. 17th, 2010

For the third year in a row, I was able to get down to the Scary Farm and dive head first into a deep, warm vat of Halloween-flavored awesome sauce. ‘Twas a mighty good time for several reasons.

First, this year’s Haunt experience was super-sized, thanks to The Farm’s stellar packaging of the “Coaster Enthusiast Night” on Sunday, Oct. 3. Check out the full list of V.I.P. benefits:

I was there as a guest of The Season Pass, and we didn’t partake of every treat, like the morning ERT, or the two “behind the scenes” tours of the new mazes (we didn’t want any surprises spoiled). But the custom-catered buffet dinner was way beyond what I expected; the post-meal raffle prizes were exceptional; the free souvenirs were a fine bonus (SWEET tee-shirt!); and the front-of-the-line maze passes were priceless.
Let’s hope this Haunt CEN day becomes an annual tradition because, dollar for dollar, it’s the best Halloween enthusiast package I’ve yet to see.
Second, we recorded a Season Pass podcast live during the Haunt, with some very rockin’ guests, including Jeff Tucker, Knott’s Entertainment Supervisor and head writer for “The Hanging;” Daniel Miller, KSF’s lead maze designer; Ryan Harmon, Principal/Creative Director at Delaney-Harmon, Inc.; and Theme Park Review’s Robb Alvey, who got to be a maze monster in “Club Blood!” Excellent and informative fun.

Here's Doug, Jeff and Daniel getting harassed by the "cheeeldren of de NIGHT!!!."
Last, the bulk of the day was spent just enjoying the park with Doug and his family and we had a great time.

Two complete surprises: Xcelerator was back in action and ZOMG! I had totally forgotten how intense that launch is. Nummy-nums!

Also, Doug took his first spin on Perilous Plunge and it was my first time riding with the new restraints. Again, totally forgot how crazy-tall the Plunge is, and how sick that drop is. In terms of raw thrills, this is the best water ride around, no question. Got a new credit, too: The Timberline Twister! (I had a couple of nice shots of The Plunge, but accidentally deleted them when the memory card got full… ghonk.)
Anyway, on to the main event, presented, for the first time ever, in…




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