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Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt 2010
Oct. 17th, 2010

Overall, things were pretty smashing. Two new powerhouse mazes, a great Hanging show, and tons of that Haunt magic around every turn. At one point not long after sundown, I had to make my way through one of the Ghost Town side streets, which was full of fog and nothing else. I was completely alone. That was pretty unnerving.
We only saw the Hanging show, but it was quite good, with a strong story line, plenty of amusing “celebrity” cameos, and a “victim” that sends the crowd’s bloodlust to a boil. Also, props for really skewering British Petroleum.

The Hanging opener featured Comeback Queen of the New Millennium, "Betty White."

Okay, to set the mood, here's some HorrorVision randomness:


Timberline Twister... um... from Hell!

"Satan's Sawmill" shout-out!

Super-scary Windseeker coming soon!!!!

Spiders are scary!!

VIP treatment is scary-awesome!!

Sidewinders are scary!!!

You need this to kill werewolves!!!!!




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