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Hersheypark 2011 Trip Report
July 27, 2011

That's right, Sooperdoooperlooooper! The second of the modern vertical loop coasters, opened the year after Magic Mountain's Great American Revolution, is Schwarzkopfian awesomeness.

Do you see the big smile on this lovely young lady's face? She's thinking, "No over the shoulder harnesses! Hersheypark rules!" And it does.

A whole train-load of "Wheeee!" heading down the first drop, right into the single inversion. Hands held high. Not a bright orange ear-cauliflowering head-banger in sight. The way Anton, and Nature, intended.


Threadin' it!

Fun, fun, fun! And there's a tunnel, too! Sweet ride, and another great starter coaster. Doug's son Zach, all of six years old, rode the Sooperdooperlooper that day, his first loop coaster, and loved it.

Also on this side of the park, is Hershey's oldest rail-rider, the Comet. A big smile factory. Not too scary for kids, not too dull for the adults.

On the way over to the other side of the park, you'll find Hershey's interactive dark ride, the Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge. It's kind of an odd set-up for a shooter (Chocolate vs. Peanut Butter? With an "extreme" sports theme of some kind?) but it was good for some air-conditioned yuks.

(Middle-aged man rant: maybe I just suck at these kinds of "shoot the targets" rides (actually, there's no "maybe" about it at all), but when I'm on a dark ride, I just want to sit back and get taken into a story, look around and see everything. I'm not the primary target audience, I know, so I'll just shut up about it now.)




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