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Hersheypark 2011 Trip Report
July 27, 2011

The Season Pass' "Wheels on I-80" mega-trip (three weeks! too many parks to count!) was truly epic, and I was only on board for the last stretch of it. But while I was with them, we did hit several amazing parks (including Hershey's Chocolate World - yay!) and had more fun than a barrel of jacked-up fun-monkeys. First stop: Hersheypark.

I forgot how much I love this place. It doesn't immediately come to mind when I think of my favorite themers, but it should. A fine collection of coasters (that's still growing; see you next year, "SkyRush!"), beautiful landscaping, lots of other fun rides, and good historical vibes all around. Plus chocolate.

It is evident almost everywhere that this modern amusement park started as a lush playground created by Milton Hershey for his employees. Lots of green and shade. Very nice.

Kids just love the big walking, talking bottle of sugary syrup. That wears corrective lenses.

I do have some fair-trade issues with Hershey's cocoa production (almost all the big chocolate makers need to address this problem, sadly), but there's no denying that Milton Hershey did a lot of good in his lifetime. And this statue and fountain in his honor are well deserved.

Before we get to Farenheit, the major thriller here I had yet to sample, here are some of the classics I got to revisit.

Great Bear, the park's B&M inverted coaster, is a very good ride. Great? Well, sure; all B&M inverteds are great, in my book. But this is definitely a family-friendly ride. If you need mind-warping intensity, there are other coasters here to service that desire.

I do love the post-lift twirl before the big drop. It's a nice accelerative teaser, reminiscent of Alton Towers' Nemesis.

Rock and zero-G roll, baby.

And speaking of family friendly rides, what's that on the right?




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