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Dollywood 2012 Photo Trip Report
Nov. 25, 2012

The scenic design and landscaping is exceptional, everywhere. This Rube Goldbergish contraption is part of the Harvey Water Clock.

Here's what the sign says: "The Fly Governor regulates the amount of water to turn the water-wheel which turns the gears to register the hour, day, month, year - The only one of its kind ever built. Patented 1798." Cool!

I love the Grist Mill, because it looks great, but it's also where you'll find the Grist Mill Bakery, which is where you get the cinnamon bread. So this is Dollywood's crack den, basically.

I'm sorry that we don't use water-wheel-driven machinery as much as we used to. Water-wheels are neat.


LOL, but this is truly a bucolic spot to give the dogs a rest.

I wasn't all that keen on the name "Wild Eagle" for the new Beemer until I learned how much this park is involved in the care and preservation of these incredible animals.





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