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Cedar Point 2011 Trip Report
Sept. 1, 2011

Next up was Maverick, the new credit here for me, and boy howdy, was I revved up for this sucker.

When word got around that this ride had a launch in the middle of its course, I just about lost it. I don't care what does the work – spinning tires, LIMs, LSMs, slave-monkeys – powered launches hit my G-force-spot like little else. Could. Not. Wait.

And what a tremendous job they did with the queue and station. Cedar Point makes it very clear that they are an amusement park, not a theme park, but you could drop this ride into any first-class themer and few would raise an eyebrow.

What did raise my eyebrow a bit were the restraints. Yeah, those rigid shoulder harnesses. Hmmm. Again, love the custom design on the train. And I had no beef with these OTS clamps on Fahrenheit. But I had heard about some of the very abrupt side-to-side transitions, similar to those on Intimidator 305.

Still, anticipation was very high and Mav's "launched lift" was the first of many terrific surprises. Giddy UP!

Millennium Force has a fast climb. El Toro has a fast climb. This pony is a lot faster.

About 10 seconds after we've started, we're ready for this, a 100-foot, 95-degree dive. And the bronco-busting begins.

Maverick bucks us hard over the peak and breaks into a ground-pounding gallop as we charge down this steel cliff and straight into some head-snapping twists.




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