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Castle Park Photo Trip Report
June 24, 2012

First credit, Merlin's Revenge! Sure, it's merely a Vekoma Junior Coaster, and let's not make a thing out of rocket ship-shaped cars on a ride themed to a medieval wizard. Point is, it's fun and they zip you around the course twice.

Small enough for the wee lads and lasses, but nothing too embarrassing for adults to ride, it gets some speed going.

Hands up for the big drop!

And Merlin himself does preside over the finale, a decent spiral. (There's a fountain pool around the wiz's rocky perch, and that was dry; too bad.)

See that webbing of guy wires? That bugs me. I'm sure Fire Balls have a terrific safety record, and all... Anyway, adults sat this one out, while the young 'uns went for it.

'Round and 'round and 'round... and 'round... and 'round... they went.

I'll admit: the vehicles look pretty cool, and factory-showroom fresh. The flame deco is, of course, rad. But later in the day, we saw attendants hosing this one down. No, thank you.





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