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Adventure City
July 6, 2008

These days, bona fide kiddie parks like Adventure City are almost non-existent; the joint was actually slated to close in the last couple of years, but it seems to be hanging on for the time being. So if you're planning a multi-day visit to Southern California, and especially if you got little dudes and dudettes in tow, you should set aside a couple of hours to check it out and ride its signature attraction, the Tree Top Racers, one of the last retro-mice coasters around.

Hobby City you can miss

Calling itself a theme park is actually not a total stretch. Their rides are sorta themed, kinda. (Why Hobby City gets exterior-signage top billing is beyond me.)

Nice carousel

It's a very nicely landscaped park, low-key, lotsa green, pleasant all around.

Evil, stay away from this

There's kiddie rides aplenty, including this Zamperla horror, the Balloon Chase, or whatever it's called. The four youngsters in our party ate it up, but we two adults were nearly overcome with nausea our previous visit, so we got some shade time while they spun around and around... and around...

Magic bus

Also a big hit with the wee folk. Again, adults stayed away.

Nice for hot days

Oh yeah, and right inside the gate, there's this mist tent, another favorite for the tykes. Here's Parker, misted up real good.

Fun and good for you, too!

If your young 'uns need to burn off a sugar buzz, there's this "kid-powered" train ride. Very eco-friendly!


And there's a tiny petting zoo with some very patient goats and chickens running around. Audrey's made a new friend! (Rooster's probably thinking, "...I'm going to get SO drunk tonight...")





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