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Adventure City
July 6, 2008

There are two coasters, and the smaller of them is charming enough. It's called the Freeway Coaster and while it's no high-speed thrill coaster (Knoebel's shout-out!), it always moves briskly, unlike the transportation system for which it's named.

See the cars? Freeway? Get it?

It's basically a figure-eight layout, around some rocks and trees, and you go around the circuit twice each ride.

Not bad, actually

There's the Tree Top Racers in the background. More nice landscaping, too.


There's Audrey, going for some airtime!

The other non-coaster ride in the park that offers some minor thrills is their pint-sized "freefall" ride, the Drop Zone (I guess the Paramount lawyers are all, "Oh, what-ever...")

Good starter ride for the mini-daredevils

There's our crew, ready to go skyward. Willie, one of the nephews, seated closest, was particularly excited.


Brought to you by your friends at Moser Rides! I actually quite enjoyed this one. You go higher than expected, and when the lines are short, which is almost always, they really pop you up and down for awhile.

And here's Adventure City's marquee attraction, the Miler-designed Tree Top Racers:

Museum piece, people

This comes from a time when wild mice didn't have tubular rails.

Too much information?

For those who like to have their fun explained to them, there's this helpful plaque.


Looks like stiff wind would just knock the thing right over, doesn't it? That "Erector Set" quality works in its favor.





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