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West Coast Bash 2011 - Part 2
July 10, 2011

As I recall, there's some discussion about this structure in the WCB podcast episode. *Sigh*

Lunch was held in the Gold Rush pavilion area and the food was hearty and delicious. And loaded with Theme Park Review-branded craziness. And driving wind and rain. I just remember huddling over a plate of chow, trying to stave off hypothermia. All the laughter sure helped. KBF very generously provided all kinds of prizes for the various games played during the meal and good times were had in abundance.

And now, last but not least, the Timber Mountain Log Ride Tour:

Like the Calico Mine Train, this attraction should be held in highest esteem by anyone with even a passing interest in theme park history. And to have the chance to walk deep inside the bowels of its majesty was incredible.

In the morning, with troughs dry, the magic inside awaits.

No photograph could ever capture my excitement at this moment, walking back to a maintenance entrance.

Here we go...

OMG! Metal stairs!

Lookit! Trees and stuff! Plywood! I geeked all over this.

Logs!!!!!! These are custom built jobbies, and if memory serves, there were 32 original logs. I think less today.

Logs 8, 10, 5 and 32, taking a nap. Sleep well, my pretties.




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