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West Coast Bash 2008
March 10, 2008

Sunday, March 9, 7:30 AM - this is what I was looking at:

X2 - so yummy and evil-looking

Memorial Day feels like it's an eternity away...

The calm before the storm

Everyone gathers around the registration area, as Tatsu takes a few warm-up laps. Youngest Attendee Award is won right away by Caroline Godsey (six months, give or take), who also walks away with Most Adorable Coaster Enthusiast 2008, leaving me crushed in defeat, yet again.

Before they let us loose, there were a few welcoming remarks, along with a good-natured tease, that perhaps, just maybe, we'd get a ride on X2. Not! No matter, Viper, Tatsu, Revolution and Superman: The Escape were open for the morning ERT session.

Revolution, baby!

Revolution is always a cherished treat, even with shoulder harnesses, which we learned later during the Q&A, will always be standard equipment. Sadly, we live in a world that now requires such things, and that won't change. So be it.

Tatsu, to no one's surprise, was running like the wind.

Tatsu, baby.

More Tower goodness awaited later in the day.

Tatsu, I love you.


One heaping plate o' compressed ribs, comin' right up!




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