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Vipers! Photo Trip Report
August 11, 2011

(Note: this photo trip report is a bit off-topic (although I'd say Dodge Vipers are thrill rides by almost any definition). But it does include a roller coaster at the end, a real classic, so hang in there with me.)

I spent the weekend of Aug. 6th and 7th down in San Diego with my old college buddy Kurt and his awesome family, and traffic on the 5 aside, it was pretty glorious. For those who haven't ever been, San Diego is as close to Paradise as you can get in the contiguous United States. (Hawaii probably trumps SD, but I haven't visited the islands yet; it's on my "To Do" list.)

The anchor event for the two days was the Southern California Viper Club's Annual Family Picnic, held at the Laguna Niguel Regional Park. I don't own any Vipers (sucks for me, very hard), but Kurt does. A pair of them. And I was able to tag along as a guest.

For those who like overpowered sex machines that stick to the road like stink on a monkey (I do), Vipers are very fine cars indeed. And all the tech stuff aside, they are beautiful, in a raunchy "American Muscle-Car for the New Millennium" way.

The Viper's nest.

Bold, bright colors are the only way to go for automobiles with such outsized personalities.

Taste the rainbow, baby.

Oh, and someone brought a Ford GT-40, too.

Another big, fat piece of delicious guy-candy.

Damn. More sharply angular than Vipers, but also beautiful.




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