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Universal Studios Hollywood
Halloween Horror Nights 2012 Report

Sept. 30, 2012

Alice had his Welcome To My Nightmare maze last year, and this year, he's back with a new 3D maze, Alice Cooper Goes To Hell. So I got to stand about five feet away from Alice Cooper. ALICE FREAKING COOPER.

Just FYI, if you need a good place to chill during the evening, this European courtyard across from the Terminator building was a relatively quiet, monster-free zone; we recorded the evening's podcast review in this secluded area.

(I do hope the new 2012 feature of the Orlando HHN, wherein the entire park is a scare zone – up to and including the rest rooms – goes over well there and makes its way to Southern California for 2013. Can you imagine? You're trying to drain your dragon and a clown with a chainsaw starts running around behind you? BADASS.)

Speaking of clowns with chainsaws, it's good to see that the Clowns – I'm sorry, "Klownz" – scare zone remains a dependable fixture here. Because CLOWNS WITH CHAINSAWS.

And now... you are about to descend into a realm of terror-induced madness, presented in the blood-soaked, eyeball-stabbing atrocity of...

Warning: we are not responsible for any "protein spills" that may occur during the reading of this report.

So along with the Klownz scare zone, there are the Toyz and Witches scare zones on the upper deck and the Silent Hill zone downstairs.





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