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The Santa Monica Pier
June 1, 2008


Here's the pier's new Wheel, all decked out in white, red and yellow, like the coaster. If I'm not mistaken, I believe this is the same model as the one at Rye Playland? The cabins sure look the same... but I could be wrong. Ferris Wheel completists are welcome to correct me.

Artsy fartsy

The cool thing about this park is that the coaster pretty much wraps around everything. Here it is passing overhead, above the line for the wheel.

Bunny hoppin'

The few bunny hops run right up over yer noggin. I'm telling ya, you could crawl right up the supports, if you were stupid enough to want to. (DO NOT CRAWL UP THE SUPPORTS, PEOPLE! - This has been a message from the "Safety Tips for Nimrods Dept.")

Inky Dinky Do

The last spiral whips around Inky's Scrambler.

Spiral action

While riding the wheel, you get plenty of nice views like this. (For the record, the wheel terrified the hell out of me. It's taller than it looks. And it was a little windy. And I'm a big, fat wuss when it comes to Ferris wheels.)

Mellow Yellow

Morgan trains, gotta love 'em.

Train snoz

"Hey, look at the dork taking a picture of the coaster train!"

Uppity part

This may be the clankiest little lift hill ever, but it's got charm.





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