Godzilla: Final Encounter



I'll be the first to admit that Toho's Godzilla® is not the hottest IP these days (though I have high hopes that some luster will be restored to the lizard with the next American reboot – do NOT let us down, Legendary Pictures).

But I don't care. I dig Godzilla fiercely, and pretty much every daikaiju, truth be told; I have at least a dozen of The Big G's movies on DVD.

And I want a Godzilla ride, a dark ride/rollercoaster.

It's the not-too-distant future. We're in a Japanese city, at night, and suddenly there are reports that Godzilla has been spotted rising out of the ocean, not far from our location. We are urged to find the nearest emergency evacuation location.

As we wait, we can see the broadcast news updates of the monster's carnage on the wall monitors. According to one on-the-scene reporter, the army has a new weapon, one they hope will destroy the creature, at last. By the time we get close to leaving, it's too late; our city is already under attack. Sounds of nearby explosions, enormous structures collapsing, reverberate through the building.

The police usher us into auto-piloted rescue vehicles to take us as far away as possible. And as soon as we leave the station, we're moving through the fiery remains of a war zone. Fighter jets soar overhead. The sounds of artillery fire, soldiers yelling, more explosions come from all directions.

We race through a multi-level warren of neon-lit streets, tunnels and elevated highways, forced to detour, again and again, around enormous piles of wreakage.

During this mad dash, we only see quick glimpses of the monster – a giant foot stomping down between two buildings ahead of us, its tail swinging above us, its dorsal fins glowing as it moves behind another building.

Finally, with our vehicle nearly out of control, we're forced by another charred pile of rubble to enter a parking garage exit ramp, spiraling higher and higher.

And when we reach the empty roof, some five stories up, Godzilla stomps into view, right in front of us. It turns, sees us, snarls. We come to stop, right at the edge of the structure.

The fins begin to glow again; a ball of heat builds in its mouth. We're about to be incinerated.

At that moment, a blast of energy hits the beast from the side, creating a massive explosion.

And just as we start to fall over the edge of the building, it ROARS.



Creating something like this with animatronics would be prohibitively expensive, but using film projection, I think it's viable. The final show scene would require an enormous, curved screen, but again, viable.

The big monkey gets his own rides, but not the King Of The Monsters? An injustice that needs rectifying.

Godzilla is a registered trademark of Toho Co. Ltd.