Colossus Mutation



I don't think there's a single soul in the Six Flags organization who is unhappy with the Iron Horse make-over of the Texas Giant. And there are plenty of woodies in the SF portfolio that are great candidates for their own supercharged upgrades. Including Magic Mountain's Colossus.

Again, as was explained at the 2012 West Coast Bash Q&A session, that park is considering just such an undertaking. They need only to find a marketing angle to justify the multi-million-dollar effort. I humbly suggest the following:

Keep the footprint as is, but reprofile the hell out of the roadbed, certainly.

Leave the outer lift hill the same height and make the course that follows somewhat wilder. But build the inner lift hill higher, the approach steeper, so the two chain lifts and subsequent drops are no longer parallel. And the inner course should be even more intense, full of those crazy overbanked turns, etc.

And rather than have two "racing" courses, stitch them into one. Make it the world's longest roller coaster and a record-breaker for the second time.

We'd take the outer run first, all the while riding in the shadows of the more aggressive second half. Before hitting the second chain lift, we'd ride through a tunnel filled with mist, light and sound effects, a signal that the worst is still to come.

Paint the whole thing black and call it Colossus: Mutation.

I want this. Badly.

Seems to me that as this attraction races so infrequently anyway, why bother with keeping that element? Especially when you consider that by adding the two lengths together, you more than best Steel Dragon 2000's 8133' 2" record-holding trackwork.

And I have no trouble picturing a foreboding mountain range of black lumber looming over the parking lot.