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Luna Park, Coney Island Trip Report July 2010
Nov. 7th, 2010

This past summer, I spent a long weekend in New York City with some friends for a work/play getaway. At the top of the fun agenda was a visit to Coney Island, as we were fairly certain that this season would be the final one for Coney in its present form.

It was the July 4th weekend, and we decided to go on the 5th, betting on less crowds. The sunny weather was hot and glorious and Luna Park, the new Zamperla-operated playground on the site of the late, lamented Astroland, was very well done (but no dark ride! FAIL).

Enjoy some photos and scattershot observations.

The new subway station at the terminus of the lines (opened before I left New York in '06) is pretty sweet, capturing some of "classic Coney" flava.

The old Shore theater building. I don't know if this structure has been given any sort of landmark status; will it survive?

Good old Nathan's. Thankfully, this worldwide Mecca for hot dog devotees will still have a presence at Coney Island for the foreseeable future. The annual hot dog snarf-out had taken place the day before; 68 doggies! Amazing. Disgusting, but amazing.

Not amazing and a million times more disgusting were these wretched, aggressively oversized FOR LEASE signs, a grim reminder that Thor Equities had their grimy, greedy mitts all over Coney, for a time. Dark overlord Joe Sitt and all his Thor Equities subdemons can go lick a toad.

Shaking off that anger was easy as we strolled down Coney's magnificent boardwalk, the Parachute Tower standing tall and proud at the far end.

What will this view look like in five years, I wonder.

Seaside dining at its finest.




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