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Knott's Scary Farm Haunt Cards 2011
Oct. 18, 2011

One thing among many that is making this year's Haunt at Knott's Scary Farm extra special are the beautiful "collector cards" that honor past and present mazes, monsters, and scare zones. They've been created in limited quantities and are sure to be prized additions to any Haunt fan's keepsakes.

To learn more about these full-color, foil-stamped, heavy-board babies, be sure to listen to The Season Pass' 2011 Haunt podcast. And check out each of the cards by clicking on the thumbnails below. They are awesome, every one, but number 13 has a very touching story behind it. Again, listen to the podcast for details.

Card 1

Haunt Card 1

Card 2

Haunt Card 2


Card 3

Haunt Card 3

Card 4

Haunt Card 4


Card 5

Haunt Card 5

Card 6

Haunt Card 6


Card 7

Haunt Card 7

Card 8

Haunt Card 8


Card 9

Haunt Card 9

Card 10

Haunt Card 10


Card 11

Haunt Card 11

Card 12

Haunt Card 12


Card 13

Haunt Card 13



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