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Universal Studios Hollywood
Halloween Horror Nights 2011 Report

Sept. 27, 2011

With everyone finally assembled, we all moved into the park's Globe Theater to start the presentations.

Host Corey Feldman was very high-energy, really got into the spirit of the festivities.

Here he stands aside while Mr. Zombie, a former Eyegore winner himself, presented to Rainn Wilson.

As enjoyable as the Eyegore ceremonies were, both Doug and I were eager to head out into the night. Lots to do, lots to see, a whole lotta screams to be screamed. So we moved on.

Without further delay, the highlights of Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights, in glorious...

A few random HorrorVision images to drive you mad with terrifying bloody horror terror:

When my time comes, I wish to take the final ride in a retro Caddy hearse like this one.

While walking through a Scare Zone, we watched as this vampiress (a live actor) was escorted through the crowds in her see-thru coffin... which she shared with a number of squirming rats. Nice!

Clowns have always been, and forever shall be, utterly creepy things.




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