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Halloween Horror Nights 2011 Report

Sept. 27, 2011

Okay, now we're getting somewhere: This is John Murdy, the mastermind of Halloween Horror Nights. Bow low before his dark majesty. (And check out this wonderful interview with him over at The Studio Tour.)

I'm not quite sure who this is, but does it really matter?

Quite luckily, we were stationed next to Robert Steven Rhine, "Deaditor-in-Chief" of Girls and Corpses magazine. (How I was unaware of this publication before that night, I do not know.) He and his videographer brought a lot of cool people over, including one of the coolest, Sid Haig. Mr. Haig may be most famous these days as House of 1,000 Corpses' "Captain Spaulding," but check out his IMDB resume. That is one long list of kick-ass credits.

This gentleman is James Gunn, the writer of Zac Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake, which I loved, and writer/director of Slither, a comedy-horror classic. "We're itchy." Awesome flick; totally see it if you haven't already.

David Arquette, looking very sharp in his plum suit. He may put the Scream quadrilogy atop his horror CV, but for my money, Eight-Legged Freaks is his most enjoyable scary movie work (which also features ScarJo and tons of giant spiders, so why E.L.F. wasn't a blockbuster is a mystery to me).

Rainn Wilson, great actor, very funny individual, and super-cool to show up and collect a statue for his work in 1K Corpses - check out the freaking sweet shirt he's wearing! Dude rocks.




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