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Universal Studios Hollywood HHN 2008
Oct. 18th

This was my first time hitting a Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights event, and after hearing so many good things about 'em, me and my pal Dariush (first time for him, too) went in with very high expectations. Overall, I'd have to say that the West Coast version is very, very good. Not as grand in scope as Knott's Scary Farm's Haunt, but still rockin', with a couple of stand-out mazes. It did make me dream about the Orlando version, though, which I am told is world-class.

We got in early to enjoy CityWalk and be ready to jam as soon as they opened the gates. In one of the central locales, there was this mini-maze to promote some R. L. Stine DVD or some such thing.


Granted, there were no live actors in there, but I'm not sure I would have carried a toddler through it.

As soon as the sun started going down, we joined the masses and got ready to get spooked.

Bring it on, dude!

Ol' Fred Krueger is the master of "scaremonies" and he pops up all over, including, natch, starring in the Nightmare On Elm Street Home Sweet Hell maze.

Freddy's The Man

He's right out in front, in "superstar" mode, to welcome you in. 'Sup?!

Plus, he's got his Fly Girls with him:

Scary babes are good things

Looking good!

Naughty girl!

Fishnets rule.




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