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Gilroy Gardens
August 4, 2008

While the bulk of the rides are for the kids, they really went to town theming many of them as things that come out of the ground.

There's the Artichoke Dip:

If you don't ride the artichoke dip, you can't ride the strawberry sundae.

And the Strawberry Sundae:

Nature's Candy: The Strawberry

And the Apple And Worm:

Om, nom, nom, nom, nom....

And then, one of the more intimidating kiddie rides, the Garlic Twirl:

Claustrophobia: The Ride

Actually, the park lists this one as an "Intermediate Thrill Ride," on par with the coasters, with a 42" chaperoned height restriction, 48" if you ride alone. So my mistake; it's no kiddie ride. Might as well mention here that Gilroy is the "Garlic Capital of the World," with an annual festival celebrating the pungent, kiss-despoiling herb. The park's mascot is an anthropomorphized garlic bud and you can purchase your very own plush toy of said mascot as a keepsake.

Sunglasses bestow instant coolness upon the wearer.

They've also got a swinging-ship ride called the Banana Split, but that one, like the Garlic Twirl, wasn't operating during my visit. (I'm not sure if it's a year-round policy, but some attractions were open during the morning hours, others not until the afternoon.)

Other family-friendly rides include the Panoramic Wheel:

Also closed during the morning... oh, well...

And a classic merry-go-round, here called Illions Supreme Carousel:

'Tain't a theme park without a carousel.

Note the cool topiary on the left.

'Topes Rule!

More cool, random topiary action:

These are particular personal favorites.



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