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A Disneyland Christmas Visit
January 22, 2012

Anyone who knows anything about Disneyland knows better than to go during the last seven days of the year. But I did anyway, this past Christmas season, and here's why: My old college buddy Sherman was in town with his family, including his brother Mike and Mike's own family. All, adults and kids alike, are very cool, and I'd hang with them under any circumstances. So when they invited me to join them for a visit to DL smack in the middle of Holiday Hell week, I said "yes" without hesitation. We knew what we were in for, and it didn't matter much; the day was primarily about enjoying each other's company, not taking a spin on every E-ticket attraction.

Still. Wow. I thought I'd seen Disneyland on a "busy" day. I was mistaken. Forthwith, a very brief photo trip report:

Here is the yellow slip they handed to us with our parking admission paperwork (click to enlarge):

The same slip, had they asked me to write it (also click to enlarge):

As promised, the parks were very, very, very busy. But we did have a wonderful time. As long as there are no broken bones involved, honestly, I can't have a bad day at Disneyland.

Holiday magic right from the get-go! Yay!

Goofy in his new Christmas sweater and hat! Yay!




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