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New York City Photo Trip Report – Part 2 - Coney Island
August 2, 2012

It sure feels weird to see a SkyCoaster at Coney, but you can't argue with the placement and what must be a totally sweet view during the flight. Should've tried this, in hindsight.

This retail establishment is new, and I believe it took over the lot once occupied by Shoot The Freak. It's okay, I guess. I mean, they tried a little, with the Steeplechase guy and the retro-ish typography. Look, if you came out and suddenly realized it would be a great day to hang on the sand and maybe even take a dip in the water, and hadn't brought a chair or umbrella or anything, then there you go, problem solved.

(But can you fire paint balls at any of the store employees while they bob and weave behind the displays? No, you can't.)

Ruby's, THANK GOD this is still there. And it's still pretty much the same. Hoo-freaking-RAY! We stopped back later in the afternoon and put away several beers. Oh, man, that was choice, looking out at the boardwalk, milling with some real, ehm, local characters, a Coney Island Tradition indeed.

The new sign, though, nope, sorry, that's not right at all. WAY too modern, too "chain restaurant." Ruby's deserves better.

The first ride of the day? How could it be anything but the one and only King of Coney?

Oh yeah, baby. BRING. IT. ON.

Since, I don't know, a long time ago, this has been a very rough ride. VERY rough. And I'll admit, if any other woodie was allowed to get as rough as The Cyclone, I'd be outraged. But I forgive The Cyclone its brutality because, A) it's the frickin' Cyclone, B) the seats are super-padded, so there's ample cushioning against all the body blows (straight up, two grown men can't ride in the same row, that's how thick the padding is), and C) I kind of want The Cyclone to be a major badass. But more on this in a second.

Old Yeller Teeth, my dog, who smokes, and loves roller coasters, thought this policy was messed up.

The American Legend, amen to THAT.





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