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Bodie Ghost Town Photo Trip Report
July 1, 2012

Long story short: One of my best buds from back East had to be out at the Naval Air Station in Fallon, Nevada, on business. He suggested that we meet up in Reno a few days before, and take a road trip through some of the coolness in the area. I am always down for a road trip, and signed on immediately. Also, I have a new Canon EOS Rebel T3i (my first DSLR camera) and was ready to give it a real workout. (This is primarily a photo gallery, very light on the text.)

We are both into all the ghost towns in these parts and last year had tried to see Bodie, supposedly the Mother of All Ghost Towns. Unfortunately, it was late April after a very wet winter and Bodie was still snowed in. This time, we were almost positive we'd have no problem. And we did not. Bodie was freaking insane.

But the day before, we took a trip north, up to Lassen Volcanic National Park which was also freaking insane.

(Please note that all the photos in this feature can be enlarged through clickage.)

Mother Nature looking so fine.

Instant serenity, looking out at this view, breathing the fresh, clean air.

So here's the volcano that went KABLOOIE! something fierce back in the day.






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