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Season Pass Tony Baxter Interview & House Tour Photos
July 16, 2013

The weekend of April 4th through the 6th, 2013, was a big one for The Season Pass. As has become customary, we were on hand to record a number of interviews with esteemed industry professionals during the Themed Entertainment Association's Summit and THEA Awards ceremony (all held at the Disneyland Hotel). If you have not yet listened to those episodes, here are some links:

#236 The TEA Summit with Joe Rohde, Michael Mack, Christine Kerr and More

#237 Behind the Scenes of Carsland

On top of all that, we had the chance to interview Tony Baxter. In his home. Like I said: a big weekend.

Here's Part One of that interview. I took photos, too, when my hands stopped shaking long enough for me to do so.

But before we get to the Baxter photos, allow me to share a few random shots from that weekend at Disneyland:

The THEA Summit and Awards weekend is always an amazing, mind-expanding experience. To speak with the people who make the things we love so much, about the things we love so much, is a rare and wonderful thing.

The glitterati mingling outside the presentation/dinner ballroom.

As you'll hear on the Carsland episode, Doug and I ate at Carthay Circle our first night. This joint rocks.

I need to spend a lot more time in here.

It's no surprise that Carthay Circle was a THEA Award winner.

And the second floor balcony is a choice location from which to enjoy the Disneyland fireworks.

Have a drink, enjoy the breeze, yeah, that's a civilized way to end a day.




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