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Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Six Flags Great Adventure and Kings Dominion Trip Report
Sept. 6, 2010

So, couple weeks back, I went on a multi-day, multi-park blowout with my good buddies Doug Barnes of The Season Pass, and Darrell and Deanna Lutjens. Cruising through a bunch of states in Season Pass Mobile Unit 1, we had illegal amounts of fun, recorded three podcasts, and rode some of the greatest coasters in the world. Unbelievably good times. Here's a rundown of what went down.

Day One was at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and it was groovy day with overcast skies and fairly small crowds. There was no pressure to do anything in particular, as we knew we'd be back on Day Three.

We hit all the major rides and just walked around, reveling in this park's unparalleled beauty. The only bummer:

Yes, this bucolic scene was once where you'd find some of the Big, Bad Wolf, the very-much-missed Arrow suspended coaster.

Really hurt to see these barren footers sticking out of the ground... *sniff*

*Heavy, heavy sigh*

*Sobs uncontrollably* Well, at least we're promised something cool to replace it.

Alpengeist is still such a hellacious inverted coaster. Awesome-geist.

And Nessie is still one of the most beautiful coasters in the world. And still rides beautifully! (If we can just get the park to jazz up the lair again...)




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